Letterpool London is looking for your photos—names, signage, signals and street art of London for a new book.


The terms of entry are pretty simple, but we do need to you agree before taking part:

1. The work must be your own. Please do not submit photography if you are not the copyright holder.

2. By submitting an entry, you are permitting its unlimited royalty-free use in relation to the Letterpool project. This may include but not limited to web sites, books, exhibitions, print and other promotional materials. Your work may also appear in related materials produced by Switch Media and its affiliates as well as partners of the project.

3. You - as the photographer/copyright holder - will always be credited along with your work, so please ensure your details are correct when submitting an entry.

4. If you wish to withdraw an entry, you can request this in writing here. We will endeavour to remove your entry from the project within 14 days from receiving your request, although any artwork already sent to print will not be withdrawn.

5. Switch Media accepts no responsibility for errors, or use of prohibited materials submitted by entrants. If you believe an entry is breaching copyright, please contact us here.